Exam Information

The IGCSE courses are ultimately preparing students for Edexcel IGCSE syllabus A

When entering students for their exams you will need the following information and exam codes:
Higher Tier – 4MA1 Paper 1H & 2H
Foundation Tier – 4MA1 1F & 2F

Exam dates

November 2023(Final)

Paper 1 – Wednesday 8th November 2023

Paper 2 – Friday 10th November 2023

May/June 2024(Provisional)

Paper 1 Thursday 16th May 2024

Paper 2 Monday 3rd June 2024

Differences between IGCSE and GCSE

Both are recognised by Universities & 6th form Colleges and are treated as equivalent qualifications.

The IGCSE was initially designed for international students who do not speak English as a first language, so sometimes the way the questions are worded are in a more straightforward fashion but overall there isn’t a lot to it.  These days it is often used by the Home Ed community and I personally prefer the format of the exams which is why the courses are focused towards it rather than the GCSE.

The main differences are:
Number of papers and length of papers
GCSE has 3 Papers all of them 1.5 hours long
IGCSE has 2 papers, each one being 2 hours long

Calculator or Non Calculator?
The GCSE has one paper that is non-calculator, the second and third papers are both calculator based.   Whereas the IGCSE ‘s papers are both Calculator, there is no non-calculator paper.

Overall, the 2 qualifications follow the same syllabus, there are small variances, the IGCSE includes an introduction to calculus, sum of a series and the chord theorem but omits topics such as tangent to a circle, quadratic sequences, iteration and circle theorem proof.

Exam Dates
Both the GCSE  & IGCSE have exam sittings in May/June & November.

The IGCSE used to have exams in January & May/June but 2023 saw the last January exams, from now on the second exam sitting is in November.


Should we go for Foundation or Higher tier?

It’s usually a very individual decision based on pupils’ capabilities, where they are in life and what grade they need to obtain.  If a student really struggles with maths and basic concepts then I usually suggest the Foundation tier. Some believe that it is easier to obtain a Grade 4, a pass, by sitting the Higher Paper, however in my experience, the amount of topics that have to be covered and the stress involved for the Higher Paper far outweighs the easier option of the Foundation paper.


Grades awarded on the papers

Foundation – Grades 1-5        Higher – Grades 4-9

You will find practice papers for either Syllabus below. Do look if you are unsure, it will demonstrate the type of questions involved for both syllabuses.

Higher Practice Paper 1H

Foundation Practice Paper 1F

How do these Grades equate to old style Grades?

Grade 4 is considered a pass, an old style C and is a pass

Grade 5 & Grade 6 equivalent to a B

Grade 7 – an A

Grade 8 is borderline A to A*

Grade 9 – A* though far fewer 9’s are supposedly awarded than A*s were.


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