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Penny Chivers FAQs

Below you will find our Frequently Asked Questions. If you still have a query then please contact me. Email:


How do you teach?

I work on the screen on a whiteboard, the classes are live, so I write on the screen as I teach, I don’t use PowerPoints with lists of points, instead I work though the topic and associated equations etc with the students.


Are cameras and microphones on?

During the live class all cameras and microphones apart from my microphone are switched off.  Some students don’t wish to be seen and we all find the input too distracting. Occasionally students like to say a verbal hello or goodbye at the beginning/end of class, which is entirely up to the student and doesn’t have to be done at all.


Are the classes interactive?

I encourage participation from the students, so as I teach I ask questions and for input.  I encourage the students to think through the problems and assist rather than just listening to me!


Are the classes recorded?

Yes, all the classes are recorded so that students who miss a class can catch up in their own time or if students feel they need to rewatch a class.


Do we submit homework for marking?

No, I provide answer sheets for all of the homework.  I encourage an active learning process, whereby the students don’t just rush through homework but take the time to understand where they’ve gone wrong.


How do the students communicate with you during class?

There is a chat box that the students can access.  They can either send a message that the whole class can see, most students like this interaction, or they can send a private message to me, some students prefer this especially if they are shy.  Writing in the chat box is very individual to the students, some students are very keen and reply to every question or ask their own, some prefer to take more of a back seat and watch the class or are too involved in making their own notes at home. 


Can the students use the class notes?

For all of the 2 year and 1 year IGCSE classes I convert the class notes to PDFs and share them with the students.  I do the same for some of the more complicated topics in the KS3 Foundation and Higher classes too.


In the run up to the IGCSE, do the students do Past Papers?

From February onwards I suggest a timetable of papers to work through, it’s entirely up to students as to how many they get through but week by week I go through problem questions from the relevant papers in the timetable.


Do you enter the students for the actual IGCSE?

 No, the finding and booking for the exam centre is up to you.  I am a learning Partner with Tutors & Exams and so if you book with one of their centres, you will get a discount on the entry fee, please see links page.

If you still have a query then please contact me