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I’m Penny and I have been teaching and mentoring home educated children for over 16 years. Over this time I have prepared numerous students for GCSE/IGCSE exams along with assisting a whole range of children to learn to appreciate and understand numbers.

I have worked with a range of students, from very gifted students who thrive on a challenge and need to be stretched to full capacity, to students who really struggle with basic number skills and find simple maths tasks a challenge.

I love teaching and mentoring, and as you can see from the many reviews that my students have given me, I am well-known for making maths fun and demonstrating that a problem isn’t just a set of terrifying numbers but an enjoyable challenge! I have a personable approach and treat every student as an individual.

I have a wealth of experience in preparing children for exams, primarily the Edexcel IGCSE which is favoured by many in the HE community. After years of working with students and past papers, I also know how to fully prepare students for answering exam questions and how to master exam technique.

Home Education Maths Tutor

Six years ago, I decided to set up a couple of small online group classes for elective home educated children. These started very basically with just a wish to teach maths at a more affordable price while encouraging students in a class setting. As the demand grew for these courses so they have expanded to 5 courses running at KS3 and KS4 level.

All classes are small and personable, and are totally designed, run, and taught by myself, making for a very personal experience. The majority of students really enjoy the class setting, they find the encouraged interaction boosts the learning experience.

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Teaches: Key Stage 3

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I am a Founder member of The Society of Tutors, an elite group of highly experienced and professional tutors.


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